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At Mcshine  Cleaning, our  strength  comes  from  satisfying  and  putting  our  customers  first, we clean to  protect  your  health  and  your  environment..

We  know  that  having  clean  and  tidy  reception  areas  and  washrooms  is  important  to  you so we’ll  always  ensure  your  front  of  house  is  as  clean  and  well-presented  as  possible. Our  office  cleaning  services  is  customised  to  your  company  needs.

We  can  put  in  place  daily,  weekly,  fortnightly  or  monthly  cleaning  agreement.  We  pay  attention  to  details  so  incredible  result  every  time.

Our  staffs  will  clean  all  areas  and  wash  the  teacups,  hoover  up  the  crumbs,  and  make  the  room  sparkle  again  and  will  continue  to  work hard making  sure all  of  the  requirements are  met.

We  ensure  that  your  cleaning  is  consistently  delivered  to  a  high  standard  providing  peace  of  mind  that  will  meet  with  on-going  compliance  assessments. We  provide  a  professional  service  every  time  so  rest  assured,  plus,  to  give  you  peace  of  mind,  we  will  complete  audits  and  frequent  spot  checks  to  ensure  the  cleaning  you  receive  from  us  is  of  a  high  standard  on  a  consistent  basis.

We  have  a  full  absence  cover  policy  so  someone  will  always  be  there.  What’s  more,  our  cleaning  team  are  highly  skilled,  fully  vetted  and  completely  clear  about  confidentiality  issues.


Our Office Cleaning Options Include Thorough:

  • Restrooms  cleaning, Bin  emptying, Vacuuming, mopping, and  polishing  floors  and  surfaces.
  • Disinfecting  high  touch  areas,  Stairs,  elevators  and  other  high  traffic  areas
  • Surface  dusting,  Kitchen  or  lounge  cleaning,  washing  up  tea  cups  and  plates
  • Reception  areas  and  foyers,  Vacuuming  of  carpets,  spot  cleaning,  telephones  sanitized  and  more.


No  two  offices  are  alike,­  we  will  give  you  a  detailed  quote  based  on  the  size  of  your  office  and  the  specific  needs  of  your  business  and  will  also  help  you  save  on  costs  wherever  possible.

We will deliver according to your needs; your hours of business and your building type or environment to ensure your premises are cleaned to a good standard with minimal disruption.

We  will  exceed  your  expectations; give  us  a  call  now  for  more  information.


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Top-notch professional

  • Our cleaners in Birmingham work to meet and exceed the high standards we know you demand.
  • We ensures high standards of cleaning are always maintained

Comprehensive service

  • Window Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Hardfloor cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Toilet cleaing
  • Furniture Cleaning

What's to Expect

  • Reliable, uniformed and trustworthy operatives.
  • We guarantee all of our work to ensure complete customer satisfaction
  • Cost effective and reliable service

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