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Can I have both cleaning and ironing?

Of course. The ironing will be undertaken in your house at the same time as the cleaning.

What does the insurance cover?

Damage to your property by the cleaner, personal injury to the cleaner, key and lock replacement and theft (which are very rare.)

How are your cleaners vetted?

Our cleaners are vetted for eligibility to work in the U.K., supplying us with evidence such as a passport, including a work visa if they are non-E.U., proof of identification such as a driving licence or passport and proof of address such as a recent bill or bank statement. Copies of their documents are held by us, so that the cleaners can be traced and they are aware of this.

Is vat extra or are there any extra costs?

That is the total price. There is nothing extra.

Can I have cleaning every 2 weeks instead of every week?

Yes. That’s fine.

How soon can a cleaner start?

The cleaner should be able to start within a few days.

Can I have less than 2 hours per clean?

Sorry. 2 hours is the minimum due to the cleaner’s travelling time.

If a cleaner is sick, can I have a replacement?

Yes. If we have any notice, we will send you another cleaner. If there’s no notice and we cannot assign a replacement in time, we will send you a refund or the cleaner can make up the hours.

How much does your service cost?

Each quote is tailored to your home or business need. Because we offer additional services, no quote will be the same.

How do we pay?

Payments by bank transfer or you can arrange a regular standing order. Cheque payments can be made but must be cleared before cleaning takes place which can take up to 7 working days to clear from receipt of cheque. (We accept most payment methods). All payments must be made in advance of services commencing.

How much does commercial cleaning cost?

Our cleaning costs are tailored to the client, as every organisation and property portfolio is different.

Can I specify the day the cleaner comes?

Yes, You can specify the day for the Mcshine Commercial cleaner to come. We will make every effort to supply you with a suitable cleaner for the chosen day and time.

Will I have the same cleaner every week?

Yes, as far as is practicable, the same cleaners will clean your house or offices each visit

Can my cleaner come when I am at work?

Yes. The cleaning staff only have keys to your property on the day they are coming; the rest of the time they are locked in a key box at the office. We never put names or addresses on key fobs.

What time will my Housekeeper arrive?

We will book for arrival time but We cannot guarantee arrival at a specific time, as our local Housekeepers travel on foot or by public transport and we need to allow for public transport delays. We will however, be able to provide a time window in which your housekeeper will arrive. This allows for travel time between jobs and any transport delays that may occur

How soon can a cleaner start?

The cleaner should be able to start within a few days. Or you can book for same day cleaning for an extra cost.

If a cleaner is sick, can I have a replacement?

Yes. If we have any notice, we will send you another cleaner. If there’s no notice and we cannot assign a replacement in time.

Will I have 1 cleaner or a pair?

It is usually 1 cleaner for less hours of work, or more cleaners depending on the amount of hours booked.

Can I have a cleaner at weekends?

Yes. Although most cleaners only work from Monday to Friday, some cleaners are prepared to work at weekends.

Can I have the cleaner on different days every week?

Not normally. The cleaners have other clients and need to have a timetable. A few cleaners may be able to do this to accommodate your changing shift rotas at work.

Can I give the cleaner a key?

Yes. All our cleaners have been vetted, insured and they can hold keys. 

Is the cleaner flexible about tasks to be done?

Yes. The cleaner can do any reasonable domestic task, such as cleaning, ironing, making beds and general assistance. You specify the cleaning work directly with your cleaner. We cannot provide specialist nursing care. The cleaners should also not move heavy furniture or work at height, such as on ladders, due to the risk of injury.

What should I do if I am not happy with a cleaner?

If it is just a minor problem, it is best if you speak to the cleaner directly, as the cleaners can take it as criticism if it comes from us via you. If you are not happy with the cleaner and would like to change, you can let us know and we will (politely) stop the cleaner coming and assign a new cleaner to you.

Who provides the cleaning equipment (eg vacuum cleaner) and cleaning materials?

Normally, the cleaner will use your cleaning materials and equipment, as many do not have cars and they cannot carry much. But we can also provide cleaning materials and equipments for extra cost.

Do I have to pay for the cleaner's travelling time?

You only need to pay the cleaner for the hours the cleaner works, not the cleaner travelling time.

How much notice is required?

We ask for as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment if requiring a specific date. Where possible we will endeavour to assist on the earliest date available for you and also with next day cleans if we have availability. We can usually help at short notice for additional cost (emmergency cleaning).

Do I have to be present when the cleaners arrive ?

We ask that someone responsible is allocated to greet the team on arrival and hand them the list in priority to work through. If there is no one available it has to be pre agreed with the sales team on how they will gain access to the property and where the list will be. In the absence of a cleaning list the team will work through each room in the time permitted but please be advised that you may not have the jobs done that you would like done which is why we ask for the list.

What do you clean?

Our clean teams will under take residential, commercial and industrial premises for one-off and regular cleans. Please speak to our sales team regarding your specific requirement and they will advise accordingly.

Can I reschedule or cancel my clean?

Yes! Your cleans are fully flexible until 18:00 the day before the clean – you can reschedule, skip or cancel any clean before this time without incurring any charge.
If less than two working days are given for a cancellation you will incur a minimum fee of 50% of the clean price.

How do you ensure quality of your staff?

Mcshine cleaning services staff are interviewed at our office to ensure the suitability of the applicant. In addition to that we require cleaner staff to provide us with verifiable proof of identification, address and two references, one of which has to be a previous employer.

Are there a minimum number of hours per visit?

Yes, We require 2 hours minimum per cleaning visit, to ensure the cleaner’s travel costs are covered.

How many cleaners do you send?

We will send cleaners depending on the work they are carrying out. We could send as minimal as 1 cleaner or as many as job require.

How do I start?

We need your name, address, phone number and if you are flexible which day and time of the week the cleaning is on, and a start date.
The day and time of the clean will be agreed to suit you. It would normally be on the same day each clean due to the cleaner’s rota with other clients.

Do you offer any residential cleaning services guarantees?

We feel, no written guarantees are necessary. At the end of a clean if you are not satisfied, we will clean again until you are happy. 

I am looking for work as a cleaner.

If you know anyone seeking cleaning work, they are welcome to contact us as we often have vacancies.

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